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Over the last 10 years Doghouse Sam & his Magnatones got themselves quite a unique reputation in Europe with their instantly recognizable sound, re-interpreting the good ol’ Rhythm’n’Blues vibe. They played concerts in more than 15 different countries and won the Belgian Blues Challenge in 2015.  On top of that they made second place at the European Blues Challenge 2016, consolidating their fearless reputation having an eclectic sound that simply can’t be found anywhere else!

Doghouse Sam writes and performs songs with a lot of heart and gusto. This resulted in some great albums which were released worldwide and got amazing reviews internationally.  His music style, steeped in the sounds of early Rhythm’n’Blues, found a dedicated audience and yielded lots of positive press. Furthermore Sam pulls it off to bring something fresh and original to the table in a scene that isn’t that big on changes. “My style of playing isn’t about big arpeggio sweeps or  stuff like that. What I dig is the more primitive/brutal approach and try to come up with strong songs that aim directly at the heart.”: says Doghouse Sam, who has been in bands since he was 16 years old.


Doghouse Sam surrounded himself with a bunch of talented artists for his shows. Upright bass virtuoso Martin Ubaghs has literally been all around the world with his music. He backed up lots of big names as James Intveld, Billy Lee Riley en Gene Summers to name a few. On drums there’s Franky Gomez who’s got a very distinctive and creative style of playing rhythm which got him elected “best drummer of the Netherlands” in 2010. He backed up great artists as James Harman, Watermelon Slim... As a trio, Doghouse Sam & his Magnatones deliver a solid show…  each and every time!


In short, these guys  are all about heart, honesty and hard work on stage. 

It'll be hard to keep your toes from tapping.


” What a magnificent trio this is!!! Very skilled musicians who play their songs relaxed and with humor.  They bring variation to the table with all kinds of roots music, and yet have a solid and very unique sound. The jury was unanimous: this band should represent Belgium in the European Blues Challenge in Brussels. Deserved winner of the BBC. ”

(Jan Sprengers – Belgian National Radio 1 - jury member BBC)

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